Friday, 25 October 2013

You live through your Adings

They finally heard the sound of the violin at home a few days ago. It has been almost two years since they heard you last play the instrument. It also took your Adings that long to finally pick up those instruments and play with them.

I am happy at the same time sad to see your Adings do what you loved doing. It would always been better if the three of you played those instruments. But I am happy still because you remain your Adings' inspiration. It's just that I always wish you were here, too.

Ading Linus plays the violin and the lyre.
Ading Cyrelle now plays the violin and she's enjoying it.

Ading Cxyrelle has always been into arts, but now she is an official art student at Casa San Miguel. And here are her first art works.

I know you are very proud of your Adings. I remember Ading Cxyrelle saying that you taught her how to mix colours. And Ading Linus of course, you taught him how to play the violin.

As much as I am very happy to see him enjoying what you used to enjoy, it hurts me so bad that you're not here to share it with them.

You are deeply missed every single day. I wish you can visit us again soon.

We love you so much Keith. YOu will forever be in our hearts.

Mommy Tintin

Monday, 30 September 2013

Guess what?

You probably already knew that Papa used to join poster making contests when he was younger. I have always known that he could draw very well. He actually also did some letterings as well. But you know, he really didn't pursue any of those talents. In fact when he became good at playing chess, he seemed to have forgotten his "talents". 

I was actually surprised when he started posting some of recent works. To be fair, he hasn't held a charcoal perhaps in more or less than 20 years. And all of a sudden he comes out with beautiful pieces. Inang told me that Papa wanted to follow your footsteps also. Funny, right? That your Papa is the one following your footsteps. I can see you smiling up there right now. You are probably also surprised. It's just a shame that you're no longer to look at Papa's work. Now I am wondering why he didn't do all this when you were here. He didn't even drew or painted with you I think. But, I think there is a purpose. Because then even if you are not here, your Papa and your Adings will continue what you have started.

I am just so happy to see Papa do what he used to love doing. It's just a shame you're not sure to enjoy it with him. I am sure you're in his thoughts when he's working.

 Ading Cxyrelle
This is what surprised me the post. I didn't know Papa can paint. He only ever used water colours and coloured pens. Hehe. But look, looks familiar, right? You are indeed his inspirations.

Hayyy Keith, I don't really know why you had to go. Things would have been better and far more enjoyable with you around. But hey....

I am missing you so much. It's almost two years now but the feeling is still the same.  You are greatly missed my Pochongchong. Mommy loves you so very much.

Mommy Tintin

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Your Adings are back on track!

Hi baby, I've missed writing to you. But today I have some good news for you.

So, I think your Adings have finally moved on from your loss because they're back to doing what they loved doing with you. From what Ading Linus told me before, he wanted to be like you so I think this is also one of the reasons why he is into quite a few things lately.

First of all, Ading Lye is into sports. Recently at their District sportsfest, he played the volleyball. Although they didn't win this time, it's okay because he's young and it's his first time to play any sport. Also, he wants to play table tennis. I bought him a racquet but I still haven't sent it yet. Secondly, he has enrolled at Casa San Miguel for his violin lessons. He will start on the 15th of this month. He also joined journalism at the press conference last month. I think he got disappointed though because he didn't know the topic that they asked them to right about. I think the topic was too much for a 10 year-old, but you know I'm sure Ading will try again next time.

Meanwhile, Ading Cxyrelle can't make up her mind on what she wants to learn. She basically wants to learn a few things: piano, violin, painting and taekwondo. But I think taekwondo is what she really likes. However, she also likes to paint. So Mama told her to carefully think about she she likes first because she can only choose one. That's why I think Ading Lye enrolled at Casa first. She was also the school at the sportsfest. Haha. I can imagine you smiling right now.

How I wish you'd never left so the three of you can play sports together. I remember you playing the scrabble and chess with Ading Lye. And also you used to play basketball and badminton with him in our back yard.

I'm sure they're both missing you because you were the one who got them into sports before, especially Ading Lye. But I know that even if you're no longer here, you will be guiding them. I just want to thank you for inspiring your Adings. They really look up to you. And through them, I can fulfill your dreams. Please tell Papa Jesus to all look after your Adings.

I miss you so much anak. How I wish you were here. I love you more than words can say.

Mommy Tintin

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Your second birthday in heaven

Today was entirely different from last year. Although I cried so much last night and this morning looking at your photos and remembering your previous birthdays, somehow throughout the day you made my day so much lighter.

I was woken up by your song "Lighters" because it's  my alarm music. Although today is not the official K Lighter Day, I still did the things that I know would make you happy. So I started your birthday by listening to your favourite song and then reading a bit of the Bible. Then Daddy and I went to St. Paul's cathedral to light  a candle and say a little prayer for you. Of course we brought Meowmeow too. Daddy and I were both wearing blue shirts.

Daddy had to watch football with a friend so I met up with my other friends for a bit. We had merienda at Lakwatsa in Notting Hill. They were wearing white and blue in your memory. Even the baby, Ellis was wearing your colours too. I was so touched by their gesture.

Daddy joined us afterwards and we headed to dinner that my other friends organized for you. Originally, I wanted the day to just be an ordinary day. Our plan was just  to go church and then have a picnic. But one of my friends suggested that we should do something. It ended up that there was more into what I already knew.

So we got to the restaurant and my friends' cameras were on us. I didn't realize that this was a surprise birthday party for you. They had Happy Birthday decorations and also had a cake for you. Since you were not here to blow the candle, Meowmeow and I had to do it for you.
Then they also had Chinese lanterns. We tried to light it up but because it was so windy, it didn't work.

Meanwhile back home, your friends spent almost all day at home. It's amazing how they've grown so fast. I am just so glad that they've kept the tradition of spending your birthday at home even if you're no longer with us.

Happy Birthday anak. I'm sure you're having a good one up above. We missed you so much today. We will never stop loving you.

Mommy Tintin

Thursday, 11 July 2013

It's my birthday second birthday without you. :( 

I phoned home this morning and I was able to speak to your Adings. It was very brief though because they were preparing to go to school. I almost slipped asking for you because you know, I am used to looking for three kids to greet me on my birthday. I miss you so much not only today, but everyday. I may not have written to you for a while but you're always in my thoughts.

You know what, if God allows me to only have one birthday wish for the rest of my life, I would ask for you. How I wish you're just somewhere out there and that you'll be back someday. We miss you so much already.


I was meant to tell you that I got to meet Sir Coke again, this time in London. He was here for the screening of his movie with Julian, "Boses". You know about that film, right? I just want to thank you for you are the reason why I met Sir Coke and Julian. As I always say, maybe that's one of the reasons why God took you.


It's one and a half years since you left us. Although I must admit that things has got finally better, there are still moments when we're missing you so badly. Sometimes I still cry when I think of you. I miss your beautiful face.


You know what? I have a feeling you were here this morning to greet me happy birthday because you gave me a sign. Thank you.

I am missing you so much anak. I love you forever.

Mommy Tintin

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Update on your friends

So, I told you that your friends went back to school this week. I was not expecting that somehow, they will think of you. But your friend Xyryl posting something on her facebook that really warmed my heart. That was really unexpected. You have no idea how much it made me happy. However, it also made me sad at the same time knowing that you were not there with them. This is what she said:

"Iona Frederick Her Jae Ed Anthony Christelle Justin Joseph guys kung sakali lng ha kung sakali lng nmn kung buhay pa rin si keith hanggang ngayon tingin nyo magiging mas msya gr.7 nten ?  tingin nyo mas msya ang bawat araw na pumapasok tyu? at anung section sya cguro pag aagawn pa ata ee pero sna naabutan nya yung gr. 7 noh — feeling bad."

How sweet was that? I am just really happy that somehow you're still a part of them. Then she also posted this:

"yeeeeeeees wlaaaaaaaaang pasooooooook pero sna ksama n lng nten si keith sa librehan mmya — feeling sad."

I'm sure your friends miss you.

And then Mama told me that Aga is now studying at the Regional Science. I know you are proud of him. You both wanted to study there. I'm sure Aga did that for the both of you.

And also, Megan was able to make it at the International MTG. She will be competing in SIngapore in August.

See, you're friends are definitely pursuing those dreams that you once shared with them.

It is really heartwarming to know that this is all happening. Thank you anak for looking over your friends.

I love and miss you so much.

Mommy Tintin

Monday, 3 June 2013

Back to school

Your friends went to school officially today. Your Adings won't go back until next Monday. I feel really sad because you would have been on your 7th grade and I would have loved to hear your stories about your first day at junior high. I'm sure you would have been excited.

All I have now is your photo before you left for school with your Adings and Ate Bianca. Perhaps I would just need to look at it if I am missing my angel as a student.

I am missing you so much. Please come back even for a day. I just want to hug you tight, smell your kili-kili and pinch your cheeks! I love you so much Keith pogi.

Mommy Tintin
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