Friday, 26 October 2012

Walang Hanggan: The last episode

I don't even know how to start. I finished watching the last episode of one of my favourite soap operas with a heavy heart not because it has ended, but how it ended. The main characters of the soap died from very unfortunate circumstances. But sometimes, it's like that in some teleseryes (soap operas). What really made me cry was when Daniel's mother Emily found him dead and broke down in tears. Naturally, it brought back bitter memories of when you left us. Now I understand why Mama and Inang really don't watch teleseryes anymore.

Emily's reaction upon seeing Daniel bleeding to death was something that I could only imagine. But it really happened to Mama. The night I called the hospital and spoke to Tito Junjun, I could hear Mama screaming in the back ground, crying uncontrollably. She was asking somebody to help you and not to take you away from her. When Emily screamed, I heard Mama. She was the same. I felt a stabbing pain in my chest. I was teary eyed, but didn't want to let it all out. I was trying to be strong, because I know it was not real. But then again, it may have not be real for them, but it was real to us. I just couldn't deny that to myself. Daddy noticed that I was crying and probably thought that I was crying over the teleserye. Yes it true, but it was partly because of you too. I felt Emily's  pain. Tagos na tagos as we would say in Filipino. No one should really go through that pain in real life. I have said this a lot of times but life is sometimes not fair. But you see, even in this teleserye, God took the good ones first - Daniel and Katerina. Perhaps that's just how it is, be it real or not.

I admire Lola Henya's positive outlook in life. Although I know she was obviously hurt by what happened to her only apo (grandson) and Katerina, she never asked any questions, she never questioned God. Instead, she believed that it happened the way it did to give them new hope and that God has a plan that He himself only knows. I mean, how can you stay as positive as Lola Henya, when someone was taken away from you that way? How I wish it is this easy in real life.

As most Filipino teleseryes, they always fast forward the events of the future. It looked like Daniel and Katerina's passing brought new hope, love and forgiveness to those whom they have left behind. I really wished your passing has done the same for us. But we are not quite there yet I don't think. There are still a lot of things that need to be ironed out. But I am still hoping that one day, your passing will give our family harmony, love, forgiveness, peace and prosperity. I have no idea how, but as Lola Henya believed, God has a plan for each and everyone of us. Maybe it's not time for us to find that purpose yet.

Oh how I wish that everything happened to you was just a teleserye. But no, I am afraid this is real life and it sucks!

I love you so much and missing you everyday.

Mommy Tintin

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